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Many books have been written about the illustrious career of pop superstar Prince, but none was ever written by a member of his band. In this first-hand, eyewitness account of the meteoric rise of this pop icon and his early days, original Prince guitarist Dez Dickerson tells his story. As a man who was on the inside from Prince's legendary early concerts all the way to his massive breakthrough with "1999", Dez has a story to tell that has yet to be told. Tracing Dez's involvement with the band from his first audition in 1978 until his departure in 1983, My Time With Prince - Confessions of a Former Revolutionary contains never before printed personal insights from the man who was there. This book puts a more personal face on a subject that has previously been covered primarily in documentary form. Also included are never before-published photos from Dez's private collection. This is a glimpse into his personal scrapbook. My Time With Prince - Confessions Of A Former Revolutionary is a fresh look at a familiar subject from a new perspective-through the eyes of a man who was in the middle of it all.



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